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Avoiding A Cat-astrophie    
We adore cats like no other creature. Cats are the cuteness little fluffy creatures that rub up on your legs and purr from joy. Cats never beg except for dinner. Cats are loving, playful, captivating companions. We spend time watching them though they live in their own world. Sharing your life with a cat means seeing the grace of its soul and body if only you know what to look for.

Enjoy our little friends antics
Super Cat Ebony and Ivory Chinese Kitties?
Exercise Exhaustion Hold Still Upside down Kitty
Peek-A-Boo Do We Have Too? Me Green?
Me Naughty? Oh, the Pane! All in the Ears
What A Day! How to Give a Cat A Pill Thinner?
Hoover Cat
Kitty House
No Bunkbeds Here
Stay Here
___ ___

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May We ALL Open Ourselves to Love’s Healing Spirit

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