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 Whole grains are a rich source of magnesium, a mineral that acts as a co-factor for more than 300 enzymes, including enzymes involved in the body's use of glucose and insulin secretion.

Cereal crops are all members of the grass family. Cereal grains contain much starch, a carbohydrate that provides dietary energy. Whole grain means 100 percent of the original kernel: the bran, germ, and endosperm are present.

The FDA permits foods that contain at least 51% whole grains by weight (and are also low in fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol) to display health claims stating consumption has certain...
Health Benefits:
        stroke risk reduced
        type 2 diabetes risk reduced
        heart disease risk reduced
        better weight maintenance
        reduced risk of asthma
        healthier carotid arteries
        reduction of inflammatory disease risk
        lower risk of colorectal cancer
        healthier blood pressure levels
        less gum disease and tooth loss
Benefits are greatest for those consuming at least 3 servings daily. Some studies show as little as one serving daily reduces risks. Every whole grain in your diet helps your body.
        Wild rice

This list is not comprehensive, but most familiar. Other cereal grasses such as canary seed, Job's tears, etc. are considered whole grains when eaten with all of their bran, germ and endosperm.
Amaranth, quinoa, and buckwheat are "pseudo-grains" but normally included with true cereal grains because their nutritional profile, preparation, and use are so similar.

Oilseeds and legumes, i.e., flax, chia, sunflower seeds, soy, chickpeas, etc. are not whole grains.

Three or more servings of whole grain each day optimizes health benefits. Every bite of whole grains you eat improves your health. Even small amounts improve your health. Look for ways to add a few whole grains to each meal and snack.

It's healthier to eat whole grains, so change gradually. Start by mixing whole grains and refined grains. Whole grains have delicious full nutty tastes.



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