Fine Tune YoU
living holistically balanced in a messy life
Each day take time to reflect for an extended period on your day, week, or the path you are taking.  Reflect by linking your recent experiences to earlier actions.  Take time to reflect on each experience and allow yourself to see the direction your choices have taken you.  

Contemplate the similarities and differences of your thoughts and actions and how your past and present events relate beyond simplistic answers. The goal of reflecting is to develop a deeper level of studying each area of your thoughts, actions, and decisions.

If you have time, journal... journal about your choices, your actions, and your attitudes.  You will be amazed at how writing in a journal can change your life... and I do mean for the better.

Mouse Trap
Two Wolves
A Great Recipe
Be Yourself
Hatred or Jealouy
The Art of Living
Dancing With God
How Many Marbles?
One Flaw In Women
Audrey Hepburn's Poem
The Dash
It's Time to Live with Forgiveness in Love, Peace, and Joy
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May We ALL Open Ourselves to Love’s Healing Spirit

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