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living holistically balanced in a messy life
Throughout history, story-telling has been used as a tool for personal and social transformation. Stories have influenced and bound people together as instruments for reaching one's authentic selves. Stories foster understanding which are vital to society's progress. Such understanding is needed today. As we struggle to live and work together and progress toward common goals stories continue to provide the common link that binds us together providing the basis for building authentic community.

Animal Story Attitude Karl's Garden Carrots, Eggs, & Coffee
The Coffee Cup Colors of the Rainbow The Cracked Pot Footprints
God's Cake Scars of Life Lesson in Love Life
Nail in Fence No Regrets None So Blind Postal Service
Puppy Size Red Marbles Yellow Shirt What Do YoU See?
The Price of Love What Goes Around The Wooden Bowl Reap What You Sow
Make a Difference Old Phone on the Wall Wash Day Lucky the Dog

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It's Time to Live with Forgiveness in Love, Peace, and Joy
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My focus is to bring Love’s Healing Spirit into your life to help you heal physically, mentally, and/or spiritually.

Intuitive Transformational Healing
Helps you find your way to Holistic Balance

Many people are afraid to seek help with personal problems. They are uncomfortable and embarrassed. However, the effort to seek options makes a world of difference to the people who discover that difficulties are a part of life. They also learn that their problems usually have genuine, workable solutions that lead to a much happier life.

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